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How a general anaesthetic could harm your memory for life 2013-07-08

London Daily Mail

Sedation Consulting Adds Renowned Anesthesiologist to Ambulatory Surgery and Office-Based Sedation Training Programs 2010-12-02


'Anesthesia in Cosmetic Surgery' receives notice in top Brazilian newspaper today 2009-08-25

Correio Braziliense

'Cosmetic Surgery Anesthesia' Translated for Brazilian Professionals 2009-05-29

Cosmetic Surgery Review

All The Benefits, None Of The Side Effects 2009-01-14


Anesthesia For Outpatient Surgery 2001-11-14


Anesthesia in Cosmetic Surgery cited 2007-12-01

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

Anesthesiologist recognized for safe in-office surgical campaign 2005-11-04


Anesthesiologist spreads the message about brain monitor use and surgery 2010-07-18

The Morning Journal, Lisbon, Ohio

Anesthesiologist spreads the message about brain monitor use and surgery 2010-07-18

Morning Journal News... Terri Staley

Anesthesiologist Warns of Fatal Dangers of "Going Under" 2010-05-06


Argentine Cosmetic Surgery Society elects Dr. Friedberg as honorary member of their Board of DIrectors 2010-08-09

Guillermo Blugerman, M.D., President, Argentine Society of Medicine and Cosmetic Surgery

Army enlists doctor's work to treat wounded soldiers 2004-06-25


Awake during surgery: 'I'm in hell' 2010-05-18

Elizabeth Landau, CNN

Barry L. Friedberg Celebrates Anniversary of Innovative Anesthesia 2002-03-11


Barry L. Friedberg Celebrates Anniversary of Innovative Anesthesia: Advocates Patients' Right To Know Anesthesia Options 2002-03-12


Barry L. Friedberg Celebrates Anniversary Of Innovative Anesthesia: Advocates Patients' Right To Know Anesthesia Options 2002-03-12


Barry L. Friedberg, MD, is Key Speaker at Florida Society of Anesthesiologists' Meeting 2001-07-10


Barry L. Friedberg, MD, Launches doctorfriedberg.com to Help Patients Learn Their Cosmetic Surgery Anesthesia Options 2001-08-09


BIS-guided Anesthesia Decreases Postoperative Delirium and Cognitive Decline. 2012-10-15

J Neurosurg Anesthesiol 2012 Sep 28. [Epub ahead of print]

Book contribution to Arthur E. Guedel Memorial Anesthesia Center 2007-05-10

Arthur E. Guedel Memorial Anesthesia Center

Book contribution to Wood Library-Museum 2007-05-10

Wood Library-Museum of Anesthesiology

Book publication date set 2006-09-12

Cambridge University Press

Club Drug - In the Operating Room 2003-11-01


Congressional Award 2007-02-16

John Campbell, US House of Representatives, 48th District

Corona Del Mar doctor a 'specialty anesthesiologist' 2006-06-08


Cosmetic Anesthesiology: What Your Surgeon May Not Know 2002-07-22


Cosmetic Surgery Anesthesia 2008-05-27

Medical News Today

Cosmetic Surgery Expert Cautions Use of Excess Anesthesia 2009-05-12

Plastic Surgery Practice

Did Michael Jackson Voluntarily Drink a Deadly Sedative? 2011-02-07

People magazine

Doctor honored for combat surgery contribution 2007-03-01


doctorfriedberg.com Anesthesia Site 10 "Must Ask" Questions Prior to Surgery 2002-06-12


Dr. Barry Friedberg, M.D. – Board Certified Anesthesiologist, and Champion of Anesthesia Patient Safety 2010-07-11

Marsha Friedman, Event Management Services Incorporated (EMSI)

Dr. Friedberg @ the 435 N. Roxbury Building, home of Michael Jackson's Dermatologist, Arnie Klein 2009-07-29

X17 Video

Dr. Friedberg in Globe Magazine article on Michael Jackson 2009-08-24

Globe Magazine

Dr. Friedberg in People Magazine article on Michael Jackson 2009-08-10

People Magazine

Dr. Friedberg's voluntary faculty rank advanced 2006-07-01

Keck School of Medicine, University of Southern California

Dr. NIkolas Chugay, plastic surgeon & LGBTQ pioneer 2014-07-09

Rage magazine, Joshua Ryan

English Language Web Site, www.doctorfriedberg.com, Tracks Global Interest for Cosmetic Surgery Anesthesia Options 2002-08-09


Expert Explains Why Propofol Was the Wrong -- and Possibly Fatal -- Drug for Michael Jackson 2009-07-07

Barry L. Friedberg, M.D.

Expert medical reviewer recognized 2005-08-01

Medical Board of CA

Expert: Use of Anesthesia Monitoring Technology Needs to Grow 2002-08-01

Medscape Medical News/ WebMD.com

Going Under 2014-07-03

Surgical Aesthetics Magazine

Goldilocks Anesthesia Gets Push in PRS 2010-04-08

Plastic Surgery Practice

Goldilox and the Three Bares 2005-06-19


Hidden Dangers of Going Under 2014-03-15

Scientific American magazine

If the public only knew what really goes on... 2012-10-11

Book review by R. Scott Lorenz ("Book Publicist")

Interview with Health Radio Network 2010-05-10

Health Radio

Is Ketamine the New Wonder Drug For Mental Illnesses? 2013-04-03

Rheyanne Weaver

Is Low Melatonin Linked to Postoperative Delirium? 2013-11-19

Mass General Hospital

July 2009 - Plastic Surgery Practice - Barry L. Friedberg, M.D., on Goldilocks Anesthesia 2009-07-25

Plastic Surgery Practice

Just published... Barash Clinical Anesthesia, 5th edition 2005-09-27

Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins

Light Sleeper 2007-07-01

Cosmetic Surgery Times

Maximizing Your Consciousness Monitor 2003-08-01

Outpatient Surgery Magazine

Medical malpractice carrier validates safety of PK MAC 2005-08-01

The Doctors' Company

Modern Anesthesia for Cosmetic Surgery at Its Best in Los Angeles 2009-08-28

Robert Kotler, M.D., author, Secrets of a Beverly HIlls Cosmetic Surgeon

OpEd - Why do doctors play Russian roulette with patients' brains 2011-03-22

Christian Newswire OpEd by Dr. Barry Friedberg

Pat Michaels: 'Curve Creation' follows Jay Leno mention 2009-05-21


Pat Michaels: Doctor honored for combat surgery contribution 2007-03-01


Patient Awareness - The Key to Safer Cosmetic Surgery Anesthesia 2008-03-28


Personal Appearance Schedule 2007-02-09


PK anesthesia cited in new Miller's 'Anesthesia' 2009-06-02

Dr. Friedberg's review of Miller's 7th ed. 'Anesthesia'

PK MAC celebrates 15th anniversary today! 2007-03-26


Portuguese Translation Noted 2007-08-31


Promotion Noted 2006-08-06


Propofol: Is it dangerous? 2011-10-14

LA Times

Radio Show Interview with Pat Benjamin 2009-07-22

The Independent Voice Radio Station - Pat Benjamin Radio Show

Shocking findings on what you need to know about anesthesia 2013-12-01

Natural News

Spontaneous Biopsy Caused Joan Rivers to Stop Breathing Doc who performed it said to be part of her entourage. 2014-09-14

Outpatient Surgery Magazine

Staff re-appointment 2007-12-17

LAC + USC Attending Staff Association

Study Reveals 72% of Patients Experience Post Operative Nausea and Vomiting 2002-09-25


This Twenty Dollar Device Could Save Your Life 2011-09-24

Vibrant Nation by Loius Stern

Trademark awarded for minimally invasive anesthesia (MIA)® 2006-01-26

US Patent & Trademark Office

U.S. Ambassador Critical of Russia In Hostage Crisis 2002-10-30


UCI Anesthesia - Associate Professor appointment 2009-02-23

University of California, Irvine

USA Today quotes Dr. Friedberg Brain Monitor press release 2009-07-14

USA Today content

Video Demonstrates "Goldilocks Anesthesia" 2012-01-30

Outpatient Surgery Magazine

Why Patients Should Request A Brain Monitor With Anesthesia by Lyndon Conrad Bell 2011-02-10

Decisive Magazine

www.doctorfriedberg.com Adds New 'Physicians Only' Channel to Mark One-Year Anniversary 2002-07-30


www.doctorfriedberg.com, Tracks Global Interest for Cosmetic Surgery Anesthesia Options 2002-08-09


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