Video Demonstrates "Goldilocks Anesthesia"

Date Published: 
Mon, 2012-01-30

Anesthesiologist employs brain monitoring to administer just the right amount of propofol.

Published: January 30, 2012
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Even after careful calculation, administering patients with standard doses of anesthesia can risk overmedication. However, brain monitoring - also known as consciousness or awareness monitoring - offers a more precise method.

"Going Under With Goldilocks Anesthesia," a video posted online by Newport Beach, Calif., anesthesiologist Barry L. Friedberg, MD, demonstrates how the technology ensures that anesthesia providers deliver "not too much or too little but always just the right amount."

While brain monitoring is not a standard of care, it can make patient anesthesia far more exact, notes Dr. Friedberg. "Measuring is safer than guessing"

David Bernard

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