Shocking findings on what you need to know about anesthesia

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Sun, 2013-12-01

(NaturalNews) "The risks of being over-anesthetized are many, including long term dementia, memory loss and even death."
- Dr. Barry Friedberg, MD

Stanford trained and board certified anesthesiologist for over three decades, Barry Friedberg, MD, wrote the book Getting Over Going Under to urge people to ask for a direct brain activity monitor (costs $20) during surgery, so they can receive the correct amount of anesthesia. But surprise, Big Pharma doesn't like this.

Too little anesthesia could result in you waking up during surgery, but being unable to alert your anesthesiologist. Too much anesthesia could cause delirium, or even irreversible dementia after your anesthesia.

Note that the elderly are more susceptible to adverse reactions. A study presented at Euroanaesthesia, the annual congress of the European Society of Anaesthesiology (ESA), revealed that patients over age 65 have a 35 percent increased risk of developing dementia after receiving general anesthesia. 1

All these dangers can be greatly avoided with a simple $20 brain monitor.

Dr. Friedberg states, "Using a brain monitor will often lessen the drug dosage up to 30 percent per procedure." It will monitor the exact amount needed for the patient. He calls this "Goldilocks anesthesia" - finding the correct amount - not too much or too little.

Why isn't everyone using this inexpensive brain monitor?

Big pharma could lose 30% in anesthesia sales.
According to Dr. Friedberg, "The major pharmaceutical companies [aka Big Pharma] are absolutely 'unhappy' about a device that could cut into their sales so drastically. Imagine losing 30 percent of your anesthesia sales every time a patient undergoes surgery. Naturally, they push hard to sell more, not fewer, patent-protected drugs and subtly reward doctors for not using this simple, affordable device." 2

Friedberg started the private nonprofit organization called Goldilocks Anesthesia Foundation.

The public education message of the Foundation is "No major surgery under anesthesia without a brain monitor."

The Friedberg Method of Goldilocks Anesthesia has a phenomenal safety record, and allows the anesthesiologist to administer the right amount of anesthesia - not too little and not too much.

Dr. Friedberg has absolutely no financial connection with brain monitor manufacturers, or anesthetic drug producers. His mission is to educate people on avoiding the risks of too much anesthesia, which can affect people mentally, and even cause death.

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