Trademark awarded for minimally invasive anesthesia (MIA)®

Date Published: 
Thu, 2006-01-26

Friedberg’s article, ‘Minimally invasive anesthesia for minimally invasive surgery’ was published in the February 2004 issue of Outpatient Surgery Magazine (www.outpatientsurgery.net). The article continues to be one of the more frequently downloaded articles from www.drfriedberg.com. It is also noteworthy for a trade journal article to be posted on the web site of Sweden’s prestigious Karolinska Institute.

On November 15, 2005, in the United Sates Patent and Trademark Office (“PTO”) Official Gazette, the trademark minimally invasive anesthesia (MIA)R was published. December 15, 2005 was the deadline for opposition to be filed. None were filed. Approximately 12 weeks after November 15, 2005, a Notice of Allowance will be issued by the PTO.

US Patent & Trademark Office

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