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Welcome to the home of patient centered PK anesthesia
The safer anesthesia choice for cosmetic surgery
PK anesthesia is like general anesthesia 
without the deadly risks.
A proven, reproducible record of patient safety   
1992 - 2009, 17 years, nearly 5,000 people were personally anesthetized by me,
                        your friendly, neighborhood anesthesiologist, Dr. Barry Friedberg.
                      These were patients of more than 100 different cosmetic surgeons.
                       All successfully had PK anesthesia.
2007 - 2009 in just 3 years, advocates of general anesthesia have the deaths of Donde West, Stephanie Kuleba, and the near death of Tameka Foster as yardsticks of comparison to the 17 year safety record of PK anesthesia.                                     
In 1992, I developed PK intravenous sedation (IV) anesthesia to maximize your safety especially in office-based cosmetic surgery.
     All cosmetic surgeries, including tummy-tucks, have successfully been performed with PK           anesthesia since then without the need to use general anesthesia.
          Many surgeons have tried to tell me (and some of you) that only some cosmetic surgeries are sutiable for IV sedation.
               Based on my lengthy experience with many different surgeons,
              ALL cosmetic surgery can be performed with PK anesthesia.
Many people, just like you, have legitimate concerns about anesthesia for their cosmetic surgery.
You may have heard that local anesthesia 'alone' is the safest way to have your surgery.
     That may be true, but most people, understandably, just don't want to be awake for their surgery.
Many of your friends or family have had general anesthesia.
     It is the most commonly given anesthesia, but you may have heard media reports of very bad outcomes of a few people who have had general anesthesia.
                                You've become concerned, and rightly so.
Of course, you want to be safe, but you really don't want to hear, feel or remember your surgery.
     'Twilight' anesthesia means, maybe, you might be awake for some of your surgery.
          So you may believe getting what you want means having general anesthesia.
Everything you want from general anesthesia you can get from PK anesthesia.

     PK anesthesia let's you avoid all the deadly risks of general anesthesia.

          PK anesthesia bridges the gap between local and general anesthesia.

PK anesthesia is like general anesthesia.
     You do not feel, hear or remember your surgery.
          You do not have to take any of the unavoidable, deadly risks of general anesthesia.
               PK anesthesia is the safest achievable anesthesia for the 21st century.
                                 PK Anesthesia: Comfort in Addition to Safety 
In 1997, I added a brain activity monitor to refine PK anesthesia.
Many people, just like you, have told me their biggest issue after surgery is not to vomit.
     I heard what you were saying and published your concern in other articles on the way to my big  1999 PK anesthesia article with 1,264 of your experiences (including the 7 of you who threw up).
  My 1999 PK article was in my June 9, 2009 press release that was posted on this site.
     Dr. Apfel's citation was a huge endorsement and historic validation for PK anesthesia.
          This press release could increase your odds of getting PK anesthesia for your cosmetic surgery IF you bring it with you when you see your surgeon.
MEASURING your brain is a NO-BRAINER
     PK anesthesia has the lowest rate of after-surgery nausea and vomiting.
          PK is not perfect, but better than all other anesthesia choices, even those with 'multi-modal' preventive treatments.
               Your surgeon no longer hurts you injecting local anesthesia at the start of surgery and knows when to give more local anesthesia during the case.
                    All because of information your sleeping brain gives the brain monitor.
                         Information that was never before available.
People have essentially no vomiting and minimal after-surgery discomfort with PK anesthesia.
  • More anesthesia professionals are providing PK anesthesia.
  • More enlightened surgeons see the benefits of PK anesthesia for their patients.
  • More empowered patients are asking for (and getting) PK anesthesia - the safer, more comfortable, anesthesia choice for cosmetic surgery.
For more information see About PK.
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