Steven Shafer on Conrad Murray & propofol... today in court

While Dr. Steven Shafer attempted to explain to the jury what the terms 'pharmaco-mechanics,' & 'pharmaco-kinetics' meant, I could not help thinking what utter nonsense these areas are relative to what really matters to you, the patient, in general and Michael Jackson, the victim, in particular.

Direct brain measurement devices, like the bispectral (BIS) index, have been FDA approved for 15 years & validated in over 3500 published scientific studies.

Anesthesia is medicine given to your brain.

Just in from 'The Telegraph' of London

The querulous parties are temporarily silenced by the arrival of a white-haired man in his hospital scrubs, a heart monitor under his arm. Dr Barry Friedberg, a renowned anaesthetist, hands out leaflets to the perplexed onlookers, and proceeds to explain the reason for his visit.

RE: Perhaps you are getting a better picture of just how hard it is to get my message out to the public.

Hi Barry,

Thank you for keeping me posted in your quest to inform the public of the dangers inherent in “going under.”

I watched with interest your interview; it made complete sense. The interviewer found it interesting and insightful as well. I believe you did more good than you will ever know. You have certainly opened my eyes.

KTLA Channel 5 interview

Perhaps my best TV interview to date. Quick & very much to the point. Enjoy.


Pain: an ounce of prevention is worth a ton of cure

re: Tara Parker-Pope 'Giving Chronic Pain Medical Platform of its Own'


As a 34 year practicing, board certified anesthesiologist, I found the 'ounce of prevention' for postoperative pain in the fall of 1992.

Since I work exclusively in the world of elective cosmetic surgery, my anesthesia colleagues have been quick to dismiss my 'nifty fifty' paradigm shift as only being applicable to this type of surgery.

The anesthesia dementia link

Denverpost.com 07/13/2011

Q: My 77-year-old mother recently had knee-replacement surgery and now is suffering from some form of dementia. She asks the same questions over and over. She had small memory problems before, but nothing like this. Did her surgery cause something to happen to her brain? — Denise, via e-mail

Re: Patient with aggravated dementia after anesthesia

Anesthesia is given without using a brain monitor guarantees the dose of anesthesia must be greater than that thought necessary for fear of under medication.

Thirty-four years ago today...

July 5, 1977, at Mt. Diablo Hospital in Concord, California, I stood ready to give my first anesthetic in private practice.

Several years earlier, on the very first day of his residency, on his first case, one of the Stanford residents had a child die from malignant hyperthermia (MH). (The antidote, Dantrolene, was not introduced until many years later.)

This unlucky resident’s liability insurance carrier even tried (but failed) to rate his private practice policy based on this hugely unfortunate experience.

facebook posting


Cosmetic Surgical Arts Center

Dr. Friedberg demonstrated his anesthesia technique with the BIS monitor today in our clinic. A breast reduction with augmentation and an arm lift was performed without narcotics or general anesthesia - a first in our clinic. She was awake and asking questions before the drapes were down.

We were thoroughly impressed with Dr. Friedberg's commitment to patient safety and welcome him back in the future.

21st century anesthesia standard of care comes to Newport Beach, CA

Just heard from my pal who's brother is being operated upon this April 2011 at Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach.

When the nurse came from the OR to talk to my pal, she told him all the anesthesiologists are using the BIS monitor on every case!

HALLELUJAH!!! Finally, the 21st century standard of care is being employed.

Maybe my efforts have finally paid off or maybe it was this tidbit:

19 years and counting...

Today is the 19th anniversary of my first propofol ketamine anesthetic that was given at a Newport Beach plastic surgeon's office!

Propofol ketamine is the 'lemonade' I made from Martha's 'lemon' or avoidable demise.

Had it not been for this plastic surgeon's refusing to allow me to use narcotics or smelly gases, I would have never been motivated to find an alternative anesthetic paradigm.

Little did I know, 19 years ago, how dramatically for the better that motivation would change the lives of my patients as well as my professional life.

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