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Goldilocks Anesthesia Technique "Not too much, not too little, just right"

As an increasing number of procedures requiring sedation are done in the outpatient setting, Sedation Consulting is presenting this seminar to help physicians and nurses involved in sedation administration to minimize the risks associated with the anesthesia or analgesia being provided for procedural sedation.

London, England speaking invitation offered & accepted

The 9th annual FACE meeting (http://www.faceconference.com/) in London, England has invited me to address their meeting on 'Propofol Ketamine anesthesia: How to make your office/outpatient anesthesia as safe as possible.' I have accepted the invitation & look forward to the experience.

Will Michael Jackson's killer, Conrad Murray, be sentenced to the maximum 4 year term?

Given Murray's immediate remand to custody, it appears unlikely Judge Pastor will give him anything but the maximum 4 years. Anything less might provoke rioting among Jackson's multitudinous fan base..

The only justice for the Jackson family will not come from Murray's jail sentence but by Murray never again being able to practice medicine, at least in this country.

Murray's native Grenada would most certainly welcome him back to practice there.

Sociopath that Murray is, he would just as likely resume practice without a license after his release.

Dementia after anesthesia (DAA) should be included in the types of dementia

When given without a brain monitor, anesthesia is always given in excess of what is thought necessary for fear of under-medicating (anesthesia awareness).

Goldilocks anesthesia is predicated on your individual brain response to anesthetic agents; therefore it is never too much, or too little, always just the right amount.

Patients older than 50 are especially sensitive to the negative effects of anesthesia over-medication: delirium, dementia & death.

Nearly one American surgery patient dies daily from anesthesia over-medication.

Honorable mention in 11.08.11 Stereoboard.com by Jon Stickler

Conrad Murray Found Guilty In Trial - Fans & Advocates Release Post Verdict Reflection

While most of the media or independent commentators did not focus on these facts, there were exceptions. Beth Karas, Anthony McCartney, Linda Deutsch and the Associated Press, Law Med, Dr. Barry Friedberg, Sky’s Michael McParland, Michael C. Barnes, Dr Patrick Treacy, Matt Semino, Thomas Mesereau, and those of Michael’s friends who spoke up for him – voices that avoided easy soundbites and paid attention to the facts Michael Jackson’s toxicology and autopsy reports established.

Murray Guilty, Propofol Not!

More than 2 years after the avoidable death of Michael Jackson, a Los Angeles jury handed out the responsibility that Conrad Murray had denied.

When Judge Pastor asked for his plea, Conrad Murray blurted, “I am an innocent man.”

Murray’s defense sought to place blame everywhere aside from Murray’s shoulders, but the jury did not buy the claims.

"The general public has been needlessly traumatized over the safety of propofol" said anesthesiologist, Dr. Barry Friedberg. “I have said from the outset that propofol is safe, but Conrad Murray was not,”

Appreciation & notice of Change.org petition

Just a quick thank you to all who have accessed my web site from reading my blog. I am very touched by your attention. Please tell your friends! :-)

Sad to report the passing of commentator & all around grumpy (but great) guy, Andy Rooney.

Since hospital records are pretty hard to access, I guess we will never know if Andy's minor surgery was performed under general anesthesia &, if so, was there a brain monitor or not.

Change.org petition

Prospective Surgery Patients & their loved ones: Stop the epidemic of anesthesia over-medication


Paid propofol expert, Paul White, prevaricates under oath… no such thing as ‘standard of practice’

When paid propofol expert, Paul White, testified in the Conrad Murray Michael Jackson manslaughter case, he tried to make a case for the ‘standard of practice’ being somehow different than the accepted ‘standard of care’ for sedation.

The only problem with his testimony is there is no such thing as the ‘standard of practice,’ and White knows it.

It is bad enough that White is facing 2 counts of contempt, but now, it appears he is trying to add perjury to his courtroom record.

ADA Walgren missed the point on Paul White cross exam

LA ADA David Walgren did a great job with Dr. Paul (cited 2X for contempt) White but missed the essential point:

Jackson could not have died from 25 mg propofol push in the 2 minutes Murray claimed to have been out of the room - just one of the multitude of lies Murray has spun to cover his a**.

Now the defense has suddenly suggested Jackson was already dead when Murray returned to the room. Duh.

Blown pupils are a sign of brain death which follows a minimum of 3-5 minutes without heart pumping activity.

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