More 'royal' fun as a book author

Today, Larry King had a book signing in Huntington Beach that I got to attend. After he autographed his book for me, I presented him an autographed copy of 'Anesthesia in Cosmetic Surgery.'

At first, he seemed a bit surprised, as if not many people gave him things at his book signings.
He quickly recovered.

Then he asked, 'Did I do the surgery or the anesthesia?' I said, 'The anesthesia.'

He asked, 'Why did I choose anesthesia?'
I said, 'I liked to see people look better if that's what they wanted.'

Some of the fun of being a book author

While at the 2009 annual SAMBA meeting in Scottsdale, Arizona, I had the pleasure of exchanging autographed copies of our respective books with noted anesthesiologist, 'Real Age' Mike Roizen and speaking with him, as well.

The new book, 'You Being Beautiful,' he co-authored with cardiac surgeon, Mehmet Oz, dated May 25, 2009, arrived the end of the month.

Both Mike  and Mehmet have appeared on 'Oprah' many times. 'Dr. Oz' will have his own show this fall, much like Dr. Phil got his own show by her sponsorship. I wish him the very best.

Post anesthesia vomiting tops internet interest as well as patients' concerns

Yesterday marked the biggest day of validation for PK (propofol ketamine) anesthesia since I began advocating it nearly two decades ago.

Little did I suspect how well my June 9th press release would be received on the world wide web, especially in comparison to my previous forays.

I can’t change the world, but if I tell you why it’s important to you, you might want help...

‘Surgery, anesthesia and your brain.’

Doesn’t have quite the same caché as ‘sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll.’

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