English Language Web Site, DoctorFriedberg.com, Tracks Global Interest for Cosmetic Surgery Anesthesia Options; UK, France, & Saudi Arabia Top List

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Fri, 2002-08-09

CORONA DEL MAR, CA, AUGUST 9, 2002 Online health care information seekers from the United Kingdom, Canada, France, Saudi Arabia, and Sweden lead the global trail to the cosmetic surgery anesthesiology web site www.doctorfriedberg.com, according to a July 27, 2002 web site analysis conducted by Live Stats 5.0, says Barry L. Friedberg, MD, globally recognized for his innovative cosmetic surgery anesthesia techniques. Dr. Friedberg translates his rich experience in the field of cutting edge anesthesiology techniques, especially the PK anesthesia technique he developed 10 years ago to help the patient recover quickly, usually pain and nausea free, on the one-year-old web site that has logged more than 20,000 global visitors.

Dr. Friedberg, says, "I strongly believe that now is the time for consumers globally to unite to become more knowledgeable about their health care options. With the incredible rise in cosmetic surgical procedures, both patients and physicians should consider innovative anesthesia care to be mission critical."

On a given day in the United States, 6 million people surf the Internet to get tips about nutrition, exercise or weight control, or the side effects of a drug, or any of a thousand other health matters, according to a recent Pew Internet Project survey. That's more than twice as many people that visit their doctors on any day.

The surge in e-health represents nothing short of a revolution in the health care industry, says Howard Wolinsky, co-author with his wife, Judi, of the book "Healthcare Online for Dummies."

Adds Dr. Friedberg, "With web access increasing daily, it is exciting that people from all around the world, speaking different languages, are accessing www.doctorfriedberg.com. The latest statistics about which are top languages used online are staggering. The number of people in various language zones connected to the Net, and what this online population represents worldwide is indeed impressive."

For example, there are 228 million people, or 40.2 percent online who access the Internet in English, (Global Reach, July 29, 2002*); 22 million, or 3.9 percent in France accessing the web in French (Media Metric, December 2001), and 6.2 million, or 1.1 percent online in Sweden, (Jupiter MMXI, August 2001).

The web site marked its one-year anniversary with the addition of a new channel "For Physicians Only" to meet the growing demand of physicians who want be both proactive and reactive to the questions and answers their patients are requesting to become savvy health consumers.

PK anesthesia helps the patient recover quickly, usually pain and nausea free. The "P" stands for propofol and the "K" stands for ketamine. The combination "PK" stands for an anesthesia technique pioneered by Dr. Friedberg 10 years ago, designed to maximize patient safety in the office-based setting.
PK technique creates the illusion of general anesthesia, with the minimal trespass of sedation. Patients neither hear nor feel their surgery, yet remain at the lightest level of anesthesia short of awake. This is important because when you have less anesthesia, your risk for "PONV" post-operative nausea and vomiting, is tremendously reduced. This is one of the most common side effects of surgery, and one that you could eliminate with the PK Technique. Please visit www.doctorfriedberg.com for more detailed information.

Barry L. Friedberg, MD, a globally recognized leader in the field of Anesthesia, shares his vision for innovative elective office-based cosmetic surgery anesthesia for the discriminating patient. Dr. Friedberg provides personalized, compassionate, clinical expertise, which exceeds patients' expectations. Dr. Friedberg is dedicated t providing highly evolved anesthesia with optimum results. For more information, see www.doctorfriedberg.com or email Dr. Friedberg at doctorfriedberg@doctorfriedberg.com.

* Details on www.doctorfriedberg.com web analysis, contact doctorfriedberg@doctorfriedberg.com
**Details of how these figures are calculated-available at http://global-reach.biz/globstats/.

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