Anesthesia Dementia: the Unreported American Crime

Date Published: 
Tue, 2011-08-09

Forty percent of the ‘lucky’ American patients escape their surgical anesthesia adventure only with brain fog for up to a year after surgery.

Those less ’lucky’ will die from anesthesia over medication at a rate of one a day.

Unreported are the truly unlucky Americans will awaken with dementia after anesthesia (DAA), never again be the same person who went under for surgery.


These outrageous outcomes are avoidable using brain monitors, found in 75% of US hospitals, yet only used for 25% of patients.

Where is the crime? Patients simply do not know anesthesia without a brain monitor is a 99.9% guarantee of anesthesia over medication.

“Anesthesia over medication is like playing Russian roulette with your brain,” says board certified anesthesiologist, Dr. Friedberg

Requesting a brain monitor for your surgery must be non-negotiable.

Read ‘Getting Over Going Under’ now and visit www.drbarryfriedberg.com.


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