American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) & Columbus Day: Still Waiting to Discover the 21st Century… Standard of Anesthesia Care

Date Published: 
Mon, 2011-10-10

What the ASA desperately doesn’t want you to know:

FDA approved for 15 years, the BIS brain monitor directly measures anesthesia effect on your brain.

BIS found in 75% of US hospitals but only used 25%. $20 sensor needed.

No anesthesiologist gives you a blood pressure (BP) drug & fails to measure your BP.

Why, then, in the 21st century, does the ASA continue to resist the notion of measuring your brain?


Michael Jackson was only the most famous American to die from anesthesia over-medication.

No brain monitor = 1 patient death every day.

BIS monitoring has recently been declared cost effective & should be used for every anesthetic.

The ASA is the same group that took 6 years to declare pulse oximetry a standard of care.

Patients must demand their brains be directly monitored when having surgery under anesthesia or go elsewhere. Same change model as fathers in the delivery room.

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