????? or Paula's anesthesia quandary

Hi Dr Friedberg.

I wrote you awhile ago with questions about my son and his surgery. I have a few more questions about his surgery. Which was yesterday.

I think I was lied too. I asked my son's anesthesiologist all the right questions because of you. Thank you! She even asked my son how I knew so much about anesthesia. LOL!

Here is what happened I asked if I could have the brain monitor and the propofol instead of the stinky gases. She said she could do that and that is wouldn't be a problem.

The problem is, I don't think she honored my wishes.

1) My son took 5 long hours coming out of the anesthesia plus
2) He had to have a bronchial dilator for his breathing (a breathing treatment)
3) He was very nauseous.

Was this because he had blood in his stomach or because they over-medicated him?

Also my son heard the nurse tell the anesthesiologist, 'Where is the brain monitor?' and she said, 'We will put it on after he goes under.'

Isn't that something that needs to be put on before someone goes under?

I am so frustrated because I don't feel like she honored my requests. Is there anything that I can do? Also is there a report I can get to know exactly what they did do?

I am sorry I have asked a ton of questions. But when my son told me this last night I had a hard time even sleeping. I feel cheated. Ugh


I wish I could tell you I've never heard this sad tale before but that would not be true.

Welcome to the world of passive aggressive anesthesiologists


Why I wrote the 'Getting Over Going Under' book for the general public to create the necessary force for change. Too many anesthesiologists & nurse anesthetists are simply uninterested in change.

Your suspicions appear likely correct.

Demand a copy of your son's anesthesia record to see if BIS values were recorded - they should be.

If not, first complain to the facility administrator, then consult with a good medical liability attorney.

Until my colleagues get sued for this outrageous conduct, it will persist.

No way should a BIS monitored patient ever take 5 hours to awaken.

FWIW, my sister flew across the country to have the anesthesia chief of Cedars Sinai do my technique for her only to get the same mendacious conduct.

Let me know if I can help you further.

G-d bless & good luck,

Dr. Barry Friedberg

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