Anesthesiologist and Author says Joan Rivers’ Death May Have Been Preventable

Barry Friedberg, M.D. an Anesthesiologist is author of "Getting Over Going Under: 5 Things You Must Know Before Anesthesia.

Says Friedberg, “The vast majority of Americans are routinely over-medicated every day when getting anesthesia for surgery because their anesthesiologist is not measuring their brain. There are cases every day where families are trying to determine what happened to their loved one’s personality and cognitive skills after a surgery. Sadly some of these patients will never be the same. The key is to monitor brain during the surgical procedure.”

Dr. Friedberg is the developer of propofol ketamine (PK) technique designed to maximize patient safety by minimizing the degree to which patients need to be medicated to create the illusion of general anesthesia, i.e. "no hear, no feel. Friedberg, located in Los Angeles, has been interviewed by FOX, CNN, truTV, Nancy Grace and People Magazine and commented throughout the Michael Jackson murder trial. http://www.profnetconnect.com/barry_l._friedberg News Contact: Scott Lorenz, scottlorenz@westwindcos.com Phone: +1-734-667-2090 Cell: +1-248-705-2214 Website: http://www.drbarryfriedberg.com

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